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Traffic Working Group

Welcome to the Shrewton Traffic Working Group

Shrewton Parish Council (SPC) believe that traffic (volume, speed and behaviour) is the number one concern for most villagers. Therefore, we have restarted  the Shrewton Traffic Working Group (STWG). The working group  currently consists of 3 Councillors and 2 volunteers from the village. Additional volunteers are welcome, although to keep the group manageable, we will restrict the working group to a total of 8 members.


On this page we will host our Terms Of Reference (TORs), Meeting Minutes , Shrewton Traffic Management Plan. and relevant reference material.


Our role is purely advisory and is to identify traffic issues in the Parish, research solutions and propose them to the SPC for ratification.

Ratified ideas will  be raised, as issues, with the Local Highways and Footways  Improvement Group (LHFIG).  The LHFIG advises on expenditure from a small budget (~£35,000 per annum) that is allocated to minor improvements to local roads and footpaths.  The LHFIG recommends these minor improvements to the Area Board for approval. Once a year the LHFIG selects issues that require more substantial funding.  These issues are raised as substantial  bids and are subject to a full assessment appraisal and scored against set criteria before funding is allocated.


In the last 7 years SPC have made 5 substantive bids for traffic calming work on the London Road, none of which were successful.  This year (2024) we proposed a roundabout at the A360/B390 (Chitterne Rd).  Local Highways Department advice was that this would require a traffic model (costing £30-50,000) and that the build costs would run into £ millions and thus this was out of scope for the LHFIG substantive bid process.  The issue was passed to the Local Transport Planning group for feedback and it was noted that funding may be available from the Stonehenge Tunnel project.


Our first task as a working group is to update the 2017 Shrewton Traffic Management Plan.  


If you have ideas for inclusion, that are not already included in the 2017 plan and recent minutes, please submit them through the Council website. (


If you wish to volunteer for the group then please contact us through the website or attend one of our monthly meetings.

TWG Terms of Reference

2017 Shrewton Traffic Plan

2024.06.11 TWG Minutes

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